R&D Platform Introduction

The company research &development center is the only one national-level specialized enterprise technology center engaged in the automobile special polymer composite materials research &development ,with academician of polymer materials and the Yangtze river scholars academician workstation and post-doctoral scientific research workstation.

The company Maintain long-term extensive exchanges and cooperation with dozens of scientific research institutes home and abroad for decades, such as Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, tsinghua university, Harbin industrial university, Tongji university, Tianjin university, University of Science and Technology of China, Sichuan university, xi 'an jiaotong university, northwestern polytechnical university, ural federal university, national academy of sciences of belarus etc.

After 30 years of technology accumulation, the company has acquired more than 300 product certifications issued by the hosts, including audi, BMW, Volkswagen, General motors, Toyota, Mazda and gained more than 300 patents in the field of polymer composite materials filed.


The company research &development center maintains more than 320 sets of polymer composite materials research &development and professional testing equipment, and it is divided into 14 functional areas, 40 laboratories, can achieve the complete coverage of material performance testing of high polymer composite material ,such as mechanical properties, physical properties and thermodynamic properties, electric properties, aging properties, combustion performance, emission performance, component testing, 3D printing, color development, friction loss, extrusion process, molding process, process simulation etc. For customers of different standards, laboratory tests the products according to national-level laboratories CNAS standard and ISO international standards, the United States ASTM standard, the German DIN standards, JIN Japanese standard, GB standard in China and the industry standard for vehicle makers.


Companies hire frontier researchers and academic leaders from scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and other research institutions, who is specialized in the 3D printing materials, biological plastic, special engineering plastics, engineering plastics, high performance fiber composite material, thermoplastic elastomer, functional masterbatch, flame retardant materials, to develop the high polymer material development project research, projects and the implementation by ledding 24 R &D departments and100 project team which are consisted of Drs and masters, and has in the field of polymer materials, such as academicians, changjiang scholars, famous experts of top advisers to review the whole process of project appraisal.

Frontier Technology

The company has successfully developed various propertiesof FDM 3 d printing consumables with high transparent, fluorescence, flexible, fake metal, conductive, high temperature resistant, high strength, carbon fiber . At the same time ,the company carries out r & d comprehensively in full swing for SLS forming polymer powder 3D consumables and SLA and 3d DLP molding of uv-curable resin material research and development.

The company has 3D printers and scanners more than 50 sets from the world famous brands such as Stratasys, 3 dsystems, Makerbot, Fomlab, Artec 3D,  so the company achieves the world's leading statues in hardware abilities, meanwhile over 20 domestic and foreign well-known experts in related fields are employed. The company aims to provide customers with all kinds of specialized consumables and auto parts, medical simulation, mould making, creative gift design, personalized product customization and so on.