Company Profile

China XD was founded in 1985 and is the earliest manufacturer of polymer composite materials in China. The company has been focusing on the development and production of high polymer materials for more than 30 years, and was listed on nasdaq in 2009 as the first high polymer material enterprise in greater China. In 2011, the company successfully established a country-level enterprise technology center which was approved by the national five ministries.

At present, China XD has composited a company structure that the Beijing company as domestic strategic operation center ,coordinate with five operational base globally to supply the world markets which is divided into three pieces by China XD’s strategy,and coordinated r&d center in Shanghai central as well.The five polymer materials production bases coverd an area of 779000 square meters totally are equipped with the more than two hundred production lines which is first-class in the industry, and maintain the capablity of 700000 tons of production. China XD have more than 600 customers , and the company's main products has occupied the first place in automobile production of polymer materials area in the past five in China. in 2016, China XD had been evaluated to be the Top Hundred Corporations of Chemical Industry in China (no. 40) by CPCIF.

The past 32 years can be divided into three periods of development, first ten years after the establishment of the company was research reservation period, during this period the company accumulated the product formulas and technologies ;In the second decade of company’s phase called Scaling expansion period , the bases established with product ability of 10,000 tons and 45,000 tons had consolidated foundation for future; The third decade is called Integration &expansion period in which the company has completed the bases of 120,000 tons and 225,000 tons in Heilongjiang province constantly ,meanwhile 300,000 tons of production base in sichuan province and the 12000 tons of production base in dubai had been constructed. In 2016, the production base of 300,000 tons of high polymer composite materials in sichuan was officially launched. And it had just been announced that the second constructure phase in nanchong ,sichuan province which is focus on the biological matrix composites and increase material manufacturing (3D) printing materials production costed 2.5 billion yuan is also in the progress.